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Health insurance companies expect billion additional costs through coalition agreement

Due to the decisions of the Union and the SPD for the health sector, the health insurance companies are facing considerable additional costs.

Cash registers and other industry experts assume that the costs will be around two billion euros per year by 2021. A Reuters list of health insurances shows that alone in the hospital sector should be incurred around one billion euros. For example, the planned continuation of the Structural Funds, which is intended to finance restructuring in the hospital sector, would cost statutory health insurance (SHI) € 500 million a year. A hygiene promotion program cost 75 million euros, the full collective financing with 400 million euros.

The higher fixed subsidies for dentures should cost according to the calculations, 330 million euros. In addition, the health insurances have to pay for the planned 8,000 additional skilled workers in care facilities for medical treatment, which amounts to 400 million euros per year. All in all, this amounts to around 1.6 to 1.7 billion euros.

It is difficult to quantify many other issues, such as the planned improvements in outpatient care, for example by increasing the Structural Funds to support medical professionals in rural areas, so that around € 2 billion is considered realistic in the counties.

Other industry experts also assume that the additional costs for the next four years will average just under two billion euros per year – ie below this level and at the end of the legislative term. Also in the social care insurance is expected in the circles that by 2021, the additional costs increase to up to one billion euros.

According to a rule of thumb, about 1.1 billion euros make up 0.1 contribution points. There is therefore a high likelihood that contributions will have to rise as a result of the reforms. However, this also depends on the concrete design of the measures and on whether the funds save money in other ways, for example with so-called voluntary statutory benefits.

The Union and SPD have also decided to return to full parity financing of health insurance contributions by employees and employers. This refers to the additional contribution that is currently borne by the employees alone and on average amounts to one percent of the gross income. For those insured by the law, this will make it cheaper, which would have to be offset in the case of premium increases.

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